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Marble Bar Cocktail Party

$30 per person + drinks on consumption.

Have the long marble bar all to yourself for parties of 30 or more. Generous hors d’oeuvres will be stationed and passed, chosen from our menu of classics. With designated bartenders, you can craft the right offerings for your guests - beer, wine, top shelf or signature cocktails.


All inclusive food and drink, cost varies on time and day.

For up to 100 people, take over our lively restaurant with big front windows, sparkly lights, a long marble bar and food you’ll be talking about for weeks. Guests mingle with ease between our oyster bar and open kitchen in the back, the raised bar area, dining room and the covered patio out front. Together, we'll design a menu with our chef, which will be beautifully stationed and passed or plated, depending on your group and preference. Two bars will serve up drinks and if you so choose, oysters! Your playlist and decorations are welcome, we’re here to execute your vision.

 Seated Dinner

Our pre-set menus range from $55 to $75 per person with drinks based on consumption.

For up to 30 guests, host a special seated dinner at our long dining room table and your own private cocktail bar. Begin with drinks - and oysters, if you wish! - around your private bar, before sitting for a festive pre-set dinner of Ann Cashion's timeless classics. 

Your Own Personal Shucker

Price is based on consumption. 

Add your own personal shucker to any event, serving up our select oysters and little necks for you, right there in the heart of the party. And psst, a party of four can always book our private oyster bar for halfshells and champagne!

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